• Purchased birth certificates for over 1200 girls in Kaolack, Senegal from 2007 to 2013
  • Registration provides girls with greater status, Senegalise identity, and political rights
  • 83 – 100% of girls attending KSSG from 2008-2012 passed the Secondary School Entrance Exam (14% pass nationally)
  • Received several grants, and Day of Chalk Award from the Kaolack Board of Education 


Girls’ Club Leader and Club Members

Fundraisers Successes

Fundraiser – Successful

$2,900 was raised to support ELEVEate programs at the home of Jan Kaufman and Art Goldsmith on March 9, 2013. Allyson, Campaigns Manager at in Washington D.C., provided an overview of ELEVEate activities and Mohamed Kamara, Professor at Washington and Lee and a native of Sierra Leone, noted the positive contributions he witnessed ELEVEate making when he visited Kaolack in 2012. He praised the work of Madame Sanokho, ELEVEate’s Director in Senegal, and her dedication to helping the girls achieve an education – The need is great and Madame Sanokho has an insatiable appetite to help.


Madame Khady Sanokho, Director of KSSG

We thank Madame Sanikho for all her efforts