Bertini Grant

ELEVEate submitted the final report to the Catherine T. Bertini Foundation for the $16,000 grant received to expand its programs in 2012. The grant helped girls and their families overcome obstacles to educational attainment. ELEVEate, for the first time was able to:

  • Purchase Birth Certificates for 5th graders
  • Establish Girls Clubs, with female teacher mentors to promote civic awareness and girls’ health 
  • Subsidize the purchase of school uniforms 
  • Offer teachers training on children’s health


   Health Training Participants        Meeting of Community Members to Discuss Girls’ Clubs




  • Purchased birth certificates for over 1200 girls in Kaolack, Senegal from 2007 to 2013
  • Registration provides girls with greater status, Senegalise identity, and political rights
  • 83 – 100% of girls attending KSSG from 2008-2012 passed the Secondary School Entrance Exam (14% pass nationally)
  • Received several grants, and Day of Chalk Award from the Kaolack Board of Education 


Girls’ Club Leader and Club Members