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The primary purpose of ELEVEate is to make secondary school education available to more youths, especially girls, in the Kaolack region of Senegal. ELEVEate aims to accomplish this goal through five initiatives.


Birth Certificates

Girls in Senegal often do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school because they lack a birth certificate. Without this formal registration, children are not permitted to take the national Secondary School Entrance Examination. The cost of a Senegalese birth certificate is 25 USD and over half of the families in Senegal live on 2 USD or less a day. Therefore, many children are unregistered because their families face other needs that are given greater priority. Only 62% of Senegalese children are registered. This problem arises in many African countries including Mozambique, Uganda, and Togo. Moreover, a larger percentage of boys are enrolled in primary school than girls, suggesting that boys are more likely to be registered at birth than girls. To address this disparity and give more girls a chance to realize their hopes and dreams, ELEVEate has an initiative to purchase birth certificates for girls residing in the Kaolack region of the Republic of Senegal. An application must be submitted that includes an essay identifying career goals, along with information on prior school performance, and family economic stature.

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Kaolack Summer School for Girls

Families in Senegal often require girls to stay home from school to do chores. This leads to educational gaps making it less likely for the girls to pass the national Secondary School Entrance Examination and often leads to poor performance for those in secondary school. This frustrates many girls who have dreams and aspirations that require them to graduate from secondary school. The Kaolack Summer School for Girls (KSSG), is dedicated to preparing girls to succeed on the Secondary School Entrance Examination. In addition KSSG provides assistance to girls already in secondary school who hope to achieve more in school. Any girl in the Kaolack region in grades 6-12 may enroll in KSSG free of charge. KSSG is taught exclusively by female teachers leading to a more comfortable academic setting than provided by public school. The female teachers also serve as positive role models for the girls.

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Health Awareness & Promotion

Malaria, nutrition deficiencies, water born parasites, and poor sanitary practices compromise the health of many girls and their families in Senegal. Studies show that poor health harms school performance and weakens the emotional well-being of children. Health education is not part of the standard public school curriculum in Senegal because of limited resources. ELEVEate provides those resources to health care professionals who can empower Koalack girls with the knowledge needed to make decisions that promote their physical and emotional well-being.

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Summer School Supplies

Any girl in the Kaolack region in grades 6-12 may enroll in the Kaolack Summer School for Girls (KSSG) free of charge. Nevertheless, school related costs may still prevent a girl from fully participating in the KSSG program. KSSG students need a variety of supplies including pencils, paper, art materials, and books. The Summer School Supplies Program is an initiative to help defray these costs for girls from families that need assistance in meeting these expenses. Girls attending Kaolack Summer School for Girls can apply for a Summer School Supplies grant by completing an application available from the Director of KSSG.

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Public School Supplies

Public Schools in the Kaolack region of Senegal are underfunded. Groups of students, often numbering more than 10, must share a single book in class. The Public School Supplies Program is an initiative to address this constraint that children in Kaolack face in their attempt to acquire literacy and numeracy. ELEVEate purchases school books for girls attending public school in the Kaolack region of Senegal.

The books will be on loan to the girls on an annual basis. When returned at the end of the academic year, the girl will receive a small gift as a gesture of thanks if the textbooks are well preserved. To promote the preservation of these books, the quality of the gift will rise in accordance with the condition of the book relative toits original condition. In addition, girls who demonstrate limited financial capacity can apply for a small grant to obtain other school supplies, such as pencils and paper.

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